How to Make Any Room Look Larger

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Your Question: How Can I Make My Small House Look Bigger?

Professor Tate Answers:


To sell your home faster, you'll need to show off its greatest advantages… and that includes space.

Let’s discuss the 5 main rooms that would be beneficial to appear larger: the Kitchen, the Bathroom, the Bedroom, the Living Room and the Dining Room.

First of all, the Kitchen: The kitchen is the best room to update. Install new cabinet hardware or paint the cupboards.  Keep the counters as clear as possible, moving appliances such as toasters, mixers and coffee pots inside a cabinet to maximize the counter space. To make your wood cabinets look brand new, clean them with a degreaser and then apply orange oil, letting it soak in for a couple of hours and then wiping it off. Have the stove, refrigerator, countertops, sinks and faucets all cleaned and shiny to help the buyers focus on how great the kitchen looks rather than on how small it is.

Next up, the Bathroom:  Pull the shower curtain back to expose the bathtub. That’s what buyers want to see anyway, plus it makes the bathroom look bigger since the view isn’t stopping short at the shower curtain. If you have a shower curtain and not a glass door, choose a light colored or transparent one to make the room seem brighter and, in effect, larger.  As in the kitchen, clear off the countertops in the bathroom.  Set out some colorful soap or fragrant, unlit candles. Remove all area rugs, toilet seat covers and rugs around the toilet to create the illusion of more space.

How about the Bedroom? A television in the master bedroom adds more clutter and can potentially make a small bedroom look more crowded. So do NOT have a TV in the bedroom.  Use neutral colors on the wall and on the bed to open the room up. Make sure all laundry baskets, clothing, ironing boards, etc. are put away.  If a buyer sees things like that lying out, it could give the impression that there’s not enough closet space for them.

On to the Living Room. Brighter rooms look larger. That in mind, use sheer or light curtains to draw in as much light as possible.  Don’t use oversized sofas or too much furniture. This will definitely make your living room seem even smaller and overcrowded. Scale your furniture down to the size of the room and make sure you don’t block any pathways.  Take the furthest corner of the room and put in it something you’d like for people to see as soon as they walk in, drawing their eye to it and causing them immediately to take in the size of the room.

Finally, let’s discuss the Dining Room. Position your table for maximum effect in the dining room. Having all the leaves out of your dining room table so it’s as small as possible will make the room seem bigger. If there is a heavy area rug, remove it so the floor space seems greater. If you have a china cabinet in the room, don’t display a multitude of things on it. Only display a few pieces, otherwise, the room could be overpowered. 

They key is really simplicity. Keep things simple! Simple décor, everything clean and uncluttered. No furniture too large and overpowering.  These things will all help maximize the space in each room, making them all seem larger. Buyers will be able to mentally see themselves in the home, and you will be able to sell much faster! 

You asked, now you know!

-Professor Reel S. Tate 


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