How to Successfuly Market Your Home for Sale

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Your Question: How Can I Market My Home for Sale?

Professor Tate answers:


We are all aware of the obvious media to advertise in; The Internet, Yard and directional signs, newspaper, radio, television, and some of us may also think to advertise in Magazines, Special Home Journals and to print Brochures with pictures of the exterior and interior and a list of your homes features.

But with all the choices, we have to find where our advertising dollar will give us the most “bang for our buck”, so to speak.

Approximately 90% of Buyers use the internet in searching for a home. So with that information, it is a good idea to find a presence online.

This same survey also found that although 40% of buyers search for a home in newspaper and other printed material only 2% of the buyers actually found their home from the newspaper and less than 1% from magazines and home books.

The survey also discovered that 59% of buyers search by yard sign, so it is important to have an attractive yard sign and directional signs to steer your potential buyer to your home.

And we don’t want to forget “word of mouth”- one of the best and very effective advertising methods.

Do you know the one pool of buyers that is almost always overlooked by sellers who are selling on their own? Corporate transferees. This is sometimes your best prospect. This buyer must buy now and generally pays top dollar. Generally, corporate transferees don’t have to sell a home to buy, as their company has guaranteed the sale of their present home. They do this because they know how extremely important it is to keep the family together and solve the problem of getting their old home sold and also a new one purchased. Prepare a brochure on your house, contact personnel departments of Corporations, Hospitals and Colleges in your area and see that they get copies of your brochure.

Now that you have advertised your home, you are getting calls and are ready to show your home!

You asked, now you know! 

-Professor Reel S. Tate 

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