The Power of a Pre-Inspection

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Your Question: Why Should I, as a Seller, Have An Inspection Done on My Home?

Professor Tate Answers:

As we know, it’s in the buyer’s best interests to order a home inspection before they go through with their purchase. But what about the Seller? Is there any reason he should order an inspection?

Yes! A home inspection is actually a very valuable marketing tool for sellers. By having an inspection report, you will be made aware of deficiencies that would need to be made known to potential buyers. It will include recommendations for repairs and will enhance your home’s marketability.

By knowing in advance the deficiencies in your home, you’ll be able to make the needed repairs and get the highest possible sale price. Oftentimes, when a Buyer has an inspection done, he will use the deficiencies found in the report as a negotiating tool to known the purchase price down. You could avoid this buy already having an inspection report and making the repairs, or stating that your home’s asking price already reflects any of the deficiencies or problems that were found.

Besides uncovering any problems with your home, an inspection report would also highlight your home’ assets, such as any major systems that have been recently updated.

A Pre-Inspection reassures buyers of the current condition of your home. It attests to the seriousness of you, the seller. It eliminates last minute surprises and can speed up negotiations. It’ll help you to get the highest possible sales price.

Why wouldn’t you want a Pre-Inspection done?

You asked, now you know! 


-Professor Reel S. Tate 

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