The Wrong Curtains Can Kill a Sale

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Your Question: I LOVE My Curtains! They're Bright and Unique...Will That Affect The Sale of My House? 

Professor Tate answers:


Having the wrong shades, curtains, blinds, etc. in your home can make a room look small, dark, or dated.  They could also make the room look too personal or possibly even dirty.

Dawn Newkirk, interior designer and window treatment specialist at Gorman’s Home Furnishings & Interior Designs, operates four Southeast Michigan showrooms and one in Grand Rapids.  She offers the following advice on choosing window treatments to compliment your home.

1.) Size.  Survey the windows and room sizes.  Consider if the window is proportionate with the items in the rest of the room. If it’s not, then you may need to replace or rearrange some furniture. 

2.) Style & Location.  If your home is in a historic area, then the style will be more classic and timeless, with more traditional buyers being attracted to it.  In this situation, neutral drapes, curtains and blinds would be best.

If your home is a downtown loft, then it will be more edgy.  Putting drapes up here would make the loft feel “frumpy”!  Since the buyers attracted to this type of property would be more contemporary, choose a vertical screen shade or blind in a metallic finish.

3.)  Natural Light.  Natural light is very important to buyers.  If a room has smaller windows, use lighter, sheer fabrics on the windowpane and add table and floor lamps to complement the rooms color scheme and bring additional light. If the windows bring in too much light, use a heavier fabric or darker shade.  But be careful not to overwhelm the room.

4.) Clean.  Thoroughly clean the window treatments before buyers come to look at your home for the first time.  Some buyers really look for smudges, dust and cobwebs!

5.)  Make it Current. Use solid draperies in rich silks or fresh linen fabrics.  And keep your window treatments de-personalized, simple and neutral.

6.) Asking Price. If your home is upper scale and priced highly, then you really need to consider purchasing more expensive window treatments.  A higher caliber buyer will definitely not want cheap plastic shades on their windows!

If you’re a more budget-conscious seller, use ready-made window treatments or simply consider purchasing new hardware.

7.) Tie it Together.  Tie the window treatments together with other features in the room. Suggests Newkirk, "If you decide to purchase drapery or shades, choose one in a color that matches the trim.  It will bring softness to a room, as well as make it feel bigger and brighter.”

Emphasize a beautiful wood floor by adding wood blinds to make it stand out more.

8.) Specific Rooms.  You probably know that kitchens often receive the most attention from buyers.  Add silhouettes to match painted cabinets, or use woven-blinds to complement wood-tone finishes. 

In places like the bathroom or bedroom, where you want more privacy, a simple fabric roman shade will do the trick, in addition to softening cold surfaces and freshening up the room.

New window treatments may be an overwhelming thought when considering the expense involved.  But remember that there are options for every sized room and every sized budget!  Your window treatments may just sell your home.

 You asked, now you know!

-Professor Reel S. Tate 

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