9 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Larger

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Your Question: How Can I Make My Small Bathroom Feel Bigger?

Professor Tate Answers:


Ahh, spacious, spa-like bathroom. Most of us just drool over them. But if you’re like so many of us that have small bathrooms, don’t feel too bad. You can use different tricks to make your bathroom look and feel bigger. And doing so will obviously make your bathroom more appealing to potential buyers. So, take note!

1.) Paint the Walls a Light Color

Soft colors give the impression of more space. If you like bold colors, don’t use them on the wall. Get bold or bright colors for your décor items instead.


2.) Get Rid of the Shower Curtain and use a Clear Glass Shower Door

A clear glass shower door will make the shower space appear to be part of the overall bathroom, thus making the bathroom seem larger. If you want to make your shower feel bigger too, add multiple shower heads.


3.) Hang Two Opposing Mirrors

By hanging two mirrors on walls directly opposite of one another, space will be created where there is none from their reflection off of each other. Reflecting the light colors on the walls also makes the room feel larger.


4.) Use Recessed Lighting

My biggest complaint in hotels has gotta be the lighting situation over the sink/mirror area.  Definitely not well-lit for doing your make-up! We all know how important lighting is in the bathroom for makeup and shaving. But to make more space, rather than having light fixtures hanging above your mirror or elsewhere which visually bring the ceiling down in height, use recessed lighting. It’ll make things feel like claustrophobic.


5.) Install Narrow Shelves

Install narrow shelves painted the same light color as your walls. Or have recessed shelves built in. This will allow you to make use of the empty space in your wall between beams.


6.) Keep Fixtures on A Single Wall

Keeping the toilet and the sink on the same wall will make your space look larger and it frees up other square footage in the room.  If you can’t have it all on one wall, at least keep them compact and now spread out.


7.) Change the Door

If the door opens in towards the bathroom, change your door to swing outwardly or install a sliding pocket door instead.


8.) Clutter-Free

Be very simple and minimal with the amount of décor you use, and keep your counter space free of beauty products. Keep things very simple and “clean”. The more “Stuff” you have will make the room look smaller.


9.) Give Illusion of Floor Space

Use a pedestal sink to make the floor space look larger.

You asked, now you know!

-Professor Reel S. Tate 

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